Inaugurating Github page - 10 Aug 2009

By Lucas Menge on Misc

Hi! My name's Lucas Menge and this will be the page I'll be posting some of my projects to. I plan on, this week, posting the Orbit Dock source code to my Github account so that a lot of you can use that source. I believe that'll be helpful to some of you and should be a nice first addition and contribution to the Open Source community, even though it's .Net code.

My goal right now, is to develop some interesting applications/games for the iPhone and publish them to the App Store. There is one of the projects I'm working on with some friends that will get published pretty soon and I hope that you'll enjoy. It's a game and it mixes up two pretty good game styles. I won't go into too much detail here right now, but I'll say more when we're closer to finishing it.

Developing for the iPhone's been pretty fun so far -- even if you consider the OpenGL ES limitations at hand. I also intend on posting some interesting advice on this blog regarding some programming tips for the device. During the development of this latest project of ours, we found out lots of little optimizations that can be done in order to make the gameplay smoother and more exciting. I'll go into more detail on those tips and tricks in the coming months. Hopefully after we deliver our first project!

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